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Book Notes: Building A Story Brand

Building A Story Brand by Donald Miller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The aim is to have the customer as the hero of the story. Companies don’t tend to focus on the aspect of their produces which help people survive and thrive – people need to survive and want to thrive, how can the company help. Secondly companies don’t clearly articulate their offer – clarity is key and saying a lot less is a lot more.

Critical questions that should be answerable at any point in the story:

  1. What does the hero want?
  2. Who or what is opposing the hero getting what she wants?
  3. What will the hero’s life look like if they do (or do not) get what they want?

Can a caveman immediately look at your website and answer:

  1. What do you offer?
  2. How will it make my life better?
  3. What do I need to do to buy it?
A Character who will be the hero – this is the customer (not the brand). What is needed for survival? Economic and social resources to eat, drink, reproduce and fend off foes.
Has a Problem they need solving. Problems are at three levels, customers are motivated to solve internal problems.
Villain – The source of the problem. It should be relatable. It should be singular. It should ne real.
External – A physical, tangible problem to overcome
Internal – What frustrations do our products resolve?
Philosophical – Why does this matter? Terms like ought and shouldn’t.
Villain – Gas guzzlers destroying the planet
External – I need a car
Internal – I want to be an early adopter
Philosophical – My choice of car ought to help save the environment
And Meets a Guide, which is the brand. The guide is not the hero.
Empathy – e.g. “we understand how it feels to …” or “Nobody should have to experience …” or “Like you we are frustrated by”
Authority – testimonials, statistics, awards, logos
Who Gives Them a Plan
Process – to make clarity, alleviating confusion
Agreement – list of agreements, alleviating fear
Give the plan a name
And Calls Them to Action
Direct – e.g buy now
Transitional – e.g. schedule a call or free information this can stake a claim to your territory, create reciprocity and position yourself as the guide
That Helps Them Avoid Failure
That Ends in a Success
Between the start and the end compare what the character has, feels, average day looks like and status.