Book Notes : Tribes

Tribes : We need you to Lead Us by Seth Godin
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Managing is manipulating resources to get a job done. Managing a process they have seen before striving to make it as fast and cheap as possible. Leadership is about making change which you believe in.

Improving the tribe requires:

  • A shared interest
  • A way to communicate – up, down, sideways and to people outside of the tribe

To measure they success you should not count a tribes members, a tight tribe can have much more impact than a large tribe.

Lean in, lean out but don’t do nothing.  Leaning in to get things moving, lean out to give it space to grow on its own but don’t just sit by and expect it to work fully on its own.

Understanding the tribe you lead.  While the music industry was fighting its tribe it is no wonder that they stumbled.

Sleepwalking -businesses don’t die unexpectedly.  They die because the people who can see the world changing are not courageous enough to say it and for people to hear them.

Micro movement

  1. Manifesto
  2. Make it easy for followers to connect with you
  3. Make it easy for followers to connect with each other
  4. Realise that money is not the point of a movement
  5. Track your progress

Movement principles

  1. Transparency is the only option
  2. The movement needs to be bigger than you
  3. Movements that grow thrive
  4. Movements are clear when they challenge the status quo or go in the opposite direction
  5. Exclude outsiders
  6. Building your followers up far outweighs bringing others down

Its ok to be wrong, as long as you did it for the tribe they will understand e.g Steve Jobs had a number of failures but the tribe we happy to accept him for them.

The world changes and if you play todays game by yesterdays rules you won’t last much longer.

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